Triangles mesh from a point mash

Hi to all,
I have a small problem because I created a point map in canvas (link to image : I would now like to connect these points into triangles, thanks to which I will get a triangle mesh. Is it possible to create a 2D mesh automatically in three.js, or do you have another idea? :slight_smile: later I would like to download data about each triangle, for example, what vertices it has :slight_smile:

Is it an option to use THREE.PlaneGeometry() or THREE.PlaneBufferGeometry()?
With them you’ll get a set of pre-defined triangles (faces) that form a plane.

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If the points form a grid, as in your image, then use a plane geometry as @prisoner849 suggests to construct an equivalent grid.

If they could be any arbitrary points in 2D or 3D space, you will need to use a triangulation algorithm like Delaunay. I like this implemenation:

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donmccurdy thanks a lot ! :)))

thanks, I remember this function :slight_smile: