Data Driven Visualization

I want to make 3D heatmaps and 3D radar charts using ddv class in three.js but I am not able to find any reference material for this ddv class. I am new to three.js please help me in this regard. Thank you

Do you mean something like this?

From the Collection of examples from


NormalsFromHeightmap(vertex shader)


See links at top in source code.

There is no such class in the library. Do you mind sharing the resource that says something like this would exist?

To keep it simple is there any way in three.js through which I can make heatmaps or radar charts ? If so, please share some resources. Thank you for your time.

Can you explain a little more what you mean by heat maps / radar charts, you want to visualise where a cursor on screen moves to / clicks?

I am sharing a link of 3d heatmap using python.geeksforgeeks

And this is a radar chartCapture