cubeCamera breaks down after I import a glb model

Im currenty working on a interior scene where create an interior from a floor plan, after its done loading I make a cube camera render of my scene and convert it to a equirectangular image.

When I add certain glb models the camera breaks with some sides being black and other not in the right place.
Link to full post with pictures and code: Post

Any help would be appreciated

Same problem here with 157:

  • EDIT 1 * Problem got fixed for me after disabling “Y-UP” in Blenders GLTF Export and rotating the model in THREE.js instead.

  • EDIT 2 * There are still Problems when updating the cubeCamera with the rotated model, sometimes it works, sometimes not. ( cubeCamera is not updated every frame, only directly after loading the model,
    Error-result is the same as shown in screenshots )

Render scene without .glb import : fine
Import the model, but dont add it to scene : fine
Add model to scene : cubeCamera breaks
After removing the model from scene and update cubeCamera : fine again.

Any Ideas what could cause the problem ? .glb is an export from blender

After tinkering with the scene a bit, when loading more complex models or a lot of them that’s when the camera broke. Maybe it could be due to WebGL limitations in the browser, but I can’t say for sure.

Disabling Y-up didn’t help in my case tho.

So in my case I ended up with removing the rotated model from scene and immediatly add it again before then updating the cubeCamera.
That somehow created a reliable result for me, I dont update the cubeCamera every frame tho.