Creative Coding with THREE.js

I wrote code art everyday for 3 years, and check out the cool realtime 3D animations and abstract art I made!


It would be interesting if you could provide API’s that take a string and return/manage the objects (to be added to scene) for those effects on the provided string.

@ChrisG That’s interesting. Could you give an example API call?

I was just thinking that for any of the effects you were demonstrating for strings, that you could encapsulate the behavior in several reusable classes. Something like:

const message = CodeArt.forString("Creative Coding", ArtEffect.TWIST_AND_SHAKE);
scene.add( message.getDisplayable() );

Of course it would be a bit more complicated as you’d need to integrate with the animation loop somehow, among other things. But just a thought.

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This looks clean and readable, thanks!