Creating League of Three :p (not complete)

Creating a game.
Any appearance with any other game is purely coincidental.
Fighting AI is already working, we just need to arrange the 3D turret objects and fit animations

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Nice look and vibe! Artfully done…

Framerate is a bit low on my 1080gtx (30fps)… I ran the profiler on it, and it looks like shadow casting lights are taking the bulk of the frame:

It might be worth culling more lights based on distance to the viewer, and/or pulling in their tighter to the light source so they can get frustum culled…

yes the main light source causing this, i marked to remove it, tanks

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Looking really cool tho… great atmosphere!

there should be instructions on how to move. I have no idea…

It’s not a finished game, I’m reworking a necessary character animation class to then return to this project.