Create your own VR store in minutes []

Hello everyone.

I built virtual reality store builder, where anyone can create their own VR store.

Itโ€™s available on smartphones, desktops or VR headsets.

Demo: 000 โ€” VR store builder

Let me know if you have any ideas how I can improve my project :wink:


Why is my malware scanner blocking your site? Youโ€™re either serving garbage or maybe serving a ads from a malicious platform?

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Hi three.
I think you have to menu bar(left, or right). so you can select item for register, support, change shop etc.
If you select menu bar, 3D shop does not rotate.
I think this has to rotate when down mouse, and has not to rotate when up mouse.
I have made website as like this using react three fiber.
Good regards.

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Hello, Harold!
Thank you for your feedback.

There are no advertisements on my project website and this is the first time I have heard about this problem.

What malware scanner do you use? Do you have problem with both links? ( 000 โ€” VR store builder and )

Hello, Daniil!
Thank you so much for your advices.