Create and Share Custom 3D Experiences with BuildVR

Check out BuildVR at and unlock your creativity! With BuildVR, you can easily upload your own 3D models or choose from a huge library to create unique 3D scenes. Whether you’re an artist, designer, or just love 3D modeling, our easy-to-use tools make it simple to bring your ideas to life. Share your creations anywhere and join a community of creative minds. Try BuildVR today and see how fun and easy 3D design can be!

Yes, with BuildVR, you can easily upload your 3D models, create immersive 3D experiences, and share them with everyone. Visit BuildVR to get started. Our platform offers:

  • Upload your own 3D models or choose from a vast library.
  • Add lighting: ambient, spotlight, point light, directional light.
  • Customize model size, rotation, position, and apply textures.
  • Upload your own backgrounds or videos.

Use these features to craft and share your unique 3D scenes effortlessly!
Check out a final sample 3D experience built using BuildVR: 3D Stage Experience.


6 likes in <30min and all likes coming from accounts with 0 activity, created <30mins ago - what happened there :see_no_evil: ?

Not for me to judge if such behaviour is morally acceptable or not, or whether it grants or takes away credibility of your project - but please do not do things like this. That’s just an ad / attempt at SEO-spam disguised as a question - Questions is not a place for that.

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Hi mjurczyk, We shared this post’s URL at our social media and with existing users.


lol people probably created accoints when they saw it posted elsewhere

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