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The purpose of this website is to allow artists to create a new perspective of artworks by adding them in a virtual environment. The expositions created could be shared with the link after creation. The registration is no longer needed.

So far this is what I’ve done. I’m using Three.js for the 3D virtual walk and creating the expositions themselves. Soon will be added custom 3D model support. I edited the orbit controls to make the camera to move like that. The virtual walk works both on mobile and pc. I need to optimize the creation of the expositions on mobile still as well.

Link directly to start creating a new exposition

Link directly to an example is

If you are interested the link to the full website is
Hopefully you like it. I’m happy to hear your suggestions and improve

You will attract more people if you avoid a registration. A login form is often a reason why people just navigate away from your site without checking out the actual content.

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The registration is no longer necessary. Everyone can create and share with the buttons on the bottom. Thank you for your suggestion

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