Correct Way to Install Node.js in a Multiuser Server?

I have to acknowledge being an old timer U*ix system administrator. Software to be used by everybody had two possible locations:


The best example is gcc and family.

Now I find myself in a new world. My node installation lives in:


So I added the corresponding directory to my path.

How/where should the node package be installed? It would be done and owned by root, of course.


-Ramon F. Herrera
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Last week I was going to allow a colleague access to my server. He is helping me with Three.js applicatons, maybe more. Creating a user account with regular privileges is easy enough. Then I realized: “Does this mean that I have to keep on installing node to every user?”


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This is better asked on another forum. Please keep posts here related to three.js only.

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Okay, will do. I am still unclear on the separations/interactions between so many Javascript packages.


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You are right, looee. I found the answer here:

How do you install Node.JS on CentOS?

It is 9 years old, but it is compiling as we speak.

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You and everyone else :sweat_smile: