When would you consider writing your Three.js application to be hosted by Node.js?

I am still trying to make sense of the Javascript alphabet soup, kindly bear with my noobiness.

I was in the middle of asking: “Should I use Node.js instead of Three.js for my app that is almost ready?”

A quick web search informed me that the two complement each other and found a perfect example:


The author must have had powerful reasons to select that particular combination. What would those be?


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This is closely related.

Let’s say that some app is ready, runs on its own but (for whatever reasons) a decision is made to host it under Node.js.

Would there be a lot of work involved? Does Node.js force the designer:

“No, you cannot do it like that. We have our own rules here in Node.js-land!”

Or, is Node.js neutral, non-dogmatic and say:

“Whatever suits you, as long as it is proper Javascript, we will run it for you”

The reason I am asking these questions is because I ended up with several Javascript apps written in environments chosen by each of the hired guns (aka Freelancers). Now I am attempting to centralize and Three.js is the most attractive option.


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Well, it can be useful to represent your app as an npm package since it allows easy deployment in node.js environments. Besides, if your app needs server-side logic, the node.js ecosystem provides a lot of options in this area.

However, if you have a pure client-side application, it’s absolutely valid to just use a service for serving static web content (which is not necessarily based on node.js). It seems the discussion of your other topic Still trying to persuade Chrome to be hospitable with my apps goes in the same direction.

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