copyTextureToTexture missing in module

When importing three.js via module I dont seem to be able to use WebGLRenderer.copyTextureToTexture.
It is giving the following error: “error TS2339: Property ‘copyTextureToTexture’ does not exist on type ‘WebGLRenderer’.” I am using version 91. Is it really missing or am I doing something wrong?

Can you please show how you use the method?

BTW: It’s not static. You call it like this:

Thanks for your response. I know the method is not static and I did follow this example. I realized now that the method is actually working even though I get the compilation error (and also Visual Studio Code complains that it is not recognized). So maybe it is a problem with @types/three? This is my first time using typescript, so I don’t know if it is related.

Ah, you are using typescript? Yes, this is not the first issue where user complains about missing definitions in @types/three. The problem is that this project is not maintained by the core developers of three.js. I suggest you raise an issue here:

Thank you for the clarification.