Code migration javascript to typescript

In trying to migrate my project from javascript to typescript for use with angular in the framework that exists, I ran into a few issues that I can’t figure out why they are happening. I assume most of them are not very complex, but I cant find the solution.

There are 2 large issues that I need help with in particular.

The first being why my reflections are not being applied (I assume it has to do with the HDRI not being applied to the materials). I am convinced it has been loaded though, since I am using it to show as my scene background.

The second issue is that my tiling is not being applied to the materials somehow. It keeps throwing an error for every material and I have no idea why… (I am new to typescript, I assume its a syntax mistake I’m not seeing)

The working javascript repo:
The “broken” angular repo:

Note: if I should make 2 posts about this let me know, I made them into one since its still on-topic of my question.

Note 2: If there are code smells in my typescript (not really the place for help about that but) I am still learning to work with it as a C# developer.

Code has been changed a bit right now in an attempt to fix the Environment map. I have now found out that the Environment exists in my threejs.component.ts but when I try to add it to a material in material.ts it just gives me a nullreference. I assume I am working on the wrong instance but I cant see why…

Solved, I need to use lambdas because “this” keyword is not accepted if I dont.