Compressed glb still make my laptop upset , is that something wrong?

i have tried using gltf-transform to compressed my gltf model from 30mb till 1MB , from 2K textured to 1K texture, but when i open and upload that model to check , my laptop still upset and the fan sound loud :smiley: , i am using Mac OS Pro 2019 2,4 GHz Quad-Core Intel Core i5, 8 GB 2133 MHz LPDDR3,

disk¹   4 MB
vram    14.6 MB
draws   8

both textures GPU size are 5.59 MB

is that something i need to fix on my model ??
this model is for cloth,
i will render this model into All Devices, Desktop and Phone

generally speaking, compression in some cases just helps bandwidth, the data will unfold on the GPU again. maybe you have lots of vertices and draco still might compress your file to a few KB, but once it unfolds it will have an impact.

in your case i don’t see anything unusual, if what’s visible in the screenshot is all there is to it then maybe the problem is somewhere else. i would check chrome devtools > performance.

btw, i’m just seeing this. in my opinion that is the worst laptop that has ever been made. it cannot handle any GPU work. if you hear fans now, this summer it will burn through the table. it has issues with heat dissipation (a hardware problem) and goes into throttling, that’s why you hear fans blaring.

all recent mac intels had that issue. finally M1 and M2 are good again.

google “macbook 2019 heating issues”, maybe there’s something new.

Did you think my model will render good on mobile devices as well? Because my target mostly mobile device for this case

Sometimes when the fan sound loud, i need to close all my all and wait till it has no sound lol @drcmda

yes, i think it mobile would be fine. but it depends on the model and the app of course.

Sometimes when the fan sound loud, i need to close all my all and wait till it has no sound lol @drcmda

i used the refrigerator. i make demos often and record small videos of it. to get even close to quick 60fps bursts that was the only way.