Gltf-pipeline draco compression not working!

The Draco set up is working now, but I noticed that I can no longer compress the compressed files from Blender, it seems like something happened with the pipeline while trying to make the compressed draco “show in the browser”.

I am now getting this error every time I try to compress a “blender compressed file”

with this:

gltf-pipeline -i beanstalk_pinnk.glb -d

what am I doing wrong?

Would you be able to share the model you are trying to compress? I think this may be a bug in the gltf-pipeline tool, or else something about the file is not quite right.

Thank you very much for your quick reply!!

I Tried everything and I could finally use the draco and the blender compressor, it helped a lot , going from 90 mb to 150 kb but of course I had to reduce the vertices and change a bit the model, I also discovered that when I add the smooth modifier before the subdivision modifier and then apply a Normal of 4 instead of 10 (when compressing) it reduces significantly the size but its not enough, as my computer started to emit a little sound when visualizing the scene on the browser.

The Issue

Yesterday I asked someone to test the scene in their device, and it took twice the time it took for me to load (black scene), can be perhaps the FPS (since I added a cloud and a flashlight animation, and if yes how can I improve that?


Thank you very much in advance!

Sorry, there isn’t enough information here to help you. If it takes a long time to load on their device, you will need to consider the amount of data (textures, models, etc.) that your page is downloading and try to reduce or optimize that. A web page will often load faster on your own computer when running locally, as compared to publishing to the web, because nothing is downloaded over the network. FPS (the frames per second rendered after the page has fully loaded) is not related to network speed.