Blender GLTF Exporter and Draco Compression Rate


I have just noticed that there’s a Draco compression option in the Blende 2.8 gltf exporter. I am not getting any good results: for instant, a 60MB glb file gets a 33% compression rate. :frowning: When using the gltf-pipeline, the same file is shrunk to 1.8MB (97%). (yes, the file still works fine!)

I tried to change parameters but no interesting results so far.

What is your experience with this plugin? Do you get good compression rates? What are your settings?

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Interesting, it’s the same compression library in both so I’m surprised the results are different… just to confirm, is the file just geometry? or are there textures too? Draco will not affect textures, so try omitting those for a simpler comparison.

If the issue continues I’d suggest filing a bug on

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I just double checked and tested the exporter with only one material, no texture, no environment texture… It improved (from 60MB to 21MB) but it is far from the gltf-pipeline output.

Thanks for the link, I’ll fill a bug right now!