Can I apply DRACO Compression with GLTFExporter when exporting it?

There are two scenarios:

  1. Importing
  2. Exporting

When exported using GLTFExporter, I want to use DRACO Compression on the fly so that once it is saved, the compressed version of it gets saved. Right now, what I am doing is, exporting the normal glTF scene and in the background, I am converting it to DRACO-Compressed file.

It doesn’t solve my problem of sending a huge file (500 MB) over the network - because it is still happening.

I want to know whether it is possible to compress over the fly with GLTFExporter? If not, then what is the right way to compress the same.

Currently, I am using gltf-pipeline to convert the glTF file to draco-glTF file.

No, GLTFExporter does not support Draco compression.

You normally do this as a post-processing step for example with gltf-pipeline.

Can you please tell me how are you converting it in the client?

Hello, this is a client conversion problem. Have you solved it