Cinekid Play - A 3D universe as a children's filmfestival.

For the largest children’s filmfestival in Europe we concepted and build a 3D universe where the planets are named and themed in such a way to explore new content. Flying through the universe children can explore, earn trophees, find spacejunk, do hyperjumps, see each other (!!), build their own space suit (avatar), see live- and VOD content, participate in workshops, explore interactive art and storytelling sites and projects, etc.


In these crazy times where polarisation is one of the greatest threats to humanity and especially to the developing minds of children, Cinekid has set its goal to make a “world citizen” out of every child. They are doing this by curating and contextualising each piece of content on their site. Normally Cinekid is a physical film & media (also interactive installations & workshops) festival, so this year due to covid, we came up with an online world to explore exactly this content. Not shying away from the harder topics, nor bending to the superficial binge watching content easily found on all the other streaming giants. We build a complete product, payment system, a CMS through which new planets can be “spawned” and new themes can be added, a whole VOD environment and the 3D world.