Hatch Kids - AR/VR/3D Creation Platform for Kids (Three.js + Aframe)

Hi community,

We’ve used Three.js and Aframe to build an educational platform called Hatch Kids that makes it easy for kids aged 6 - 18 to design and code their own AR/VR/3D experiences.

It’s free to use, and we’ve started sharing it with schools, NGOs, government bodies, ed-tech companies. Would love your feedback! If you’re a parent, please try it out with your children and let us know how we can make it better both as a creation platform as well as learning platform.

Try the product - https://kids.hatchxr.com

How it Works
Video - Introducing Hatch Kids

With Hatch, kids can design a 3d world, add code using visual blocks or JavaScript depending on their past experience, and then easily share via QR code or URL. With the companion mobile app, they can also scan their 3D project into binocular VR mode or run as an interactive AR app.

Product Screenshots

Step 1: Design

Step 2: Code (with blocks or with JavaScript)

Step 3: Publish and share easily (with QR code scan or link share)

Step-by-step Coding tutorials for Kids to get started

Why we built this

Goal is to give schools, educators, and parents a kids-coding platform that does justice to the world we live in (a world where kids are playing Roblox and Minecraft all the time, and where they’re already exposed to AR via games like Pokemon Go). The biggest kids coding platforms today are MIT Scratch, Code.org and they’re restricted to 2D project creation, so we wanted to take what’s best about those (the blocks-based coding environment, the community with project remixing and easy sharing) and add Mixed Reality content creation. We feel that 3D is a lot more engaging for kids, and kids learn best when they are engaged.

Coming soon

  1. Multiplayer mode for each child’s 3D project, so that multiple friends can play in each other’s environments.

  2. Location marker / Image marker support for the AR projects, so that kids can start building Treasure Hunts and mixed reality projects with physical-world linkages.

  3. Improvements to performance of core engine – physics, rendering, load times of certain scripts/projects, and more.

  4. Lots of Tutorials and resources for STEM educators, parents, and kids.

Would love feedback, thank you.


Awesome project. I have some siblings I know will love the Hatch Kids.