Chartjs in a threejs scene

Any interest in having a library that makes it easy to add various charts into threejs scene?

Similar configuration to chartjs or Highcharts
Use material instead of colors

Must provide scene object in which to add chart. This allows control of the scene (lights, camera) to be outside of library scope.


If you have spare time, you could just make the library, and share it with the world. Two years ago I made map.js, hoping that someone might find it useful.

So far I’m not aware of anyone using it.


Better yet, following patterns of Three, you can just provide a class that extends from Object3D. Then the user can instantiate it and add() anywhere they want. The API design doesn’t have to follow exactly the patterns of chart.js/etc. Better to bring in the inspiration, then align it with Three.js patterns.

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Definitely! I think many people will be. A question is, will you be dedicated enough to follow through with a complete and featureful library? It will take some time and dedication to implement, let alone write good docs, and lots of re-work as when we do something one way then realize there’s a better faster way we’ll spend time on refractors, and it needs to be faster than non-GPU solutions or it won’t be worth it (it’s easy to make a bunch of THREE.Line objects, but that will get slow very quickly).

I made a WebGL plotting system for work (not open source) and it’s a lot of work! See on the monitor where the red arrow points:

The fastest imaginable web-based open source line plotting library does not exist yet; I did some market research and nothing was as fast as we needed and what we made.

As an example, we’ll want to plot (lines and fills) using a single shader with varying colors for sets of vertices, generating vertices in the vertex shader (f.e. for a given plot line, it may have top and bottom values, and a fill, and we’d want to take the original plot points and generate a bunch more points on the GPU for what we want to draw).

I’d be curious to follow along if you embark on this journey!

Is that Elon Musk? If so tell him to upgrade those IKEA desk chairs :sweat_smile::rofl::rofl:

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