How to use three.js to do a 3D chart



How to use three.js implement the 3d effect, i need it, hope that three.js can accomplish, but i don’t know how do .

Or you have any good ideas? to tell me please, very thanks…

In general, three.js is not a library for information visualization. So you don’t have a high level interface for defining your data (information) and the respective rendering (visualization). Instead, you need to work with primitives like meshes or lines and also implement the whole layout logic (the code that ensures, the primitives are organized like in your picture). Unfortunately, there is no guide or tutorial for this.

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No similar examples?

It’s similar to make a graph with Canvas, you have to design layout and data binding. For the layout, you can just calculate with d3.js, and then apply position to mesh with three.js. It’s tedious but worked. Good luck!

Look for ThreeJS Journey. It is a course on the topic and should help you to get started.