Nodes and link with three js

Hello I have an idea that I would like to carry out with three js, it is about creating nodes and links and with that linking each node with its respective links

an example like this:


but in 3D with three js

I didn’t get, what’s the question.
Do you have a working example and some difficulties with realization of nodes with links?
Or you have nothing, except the idea, and you’re asking us about such options as:

  1. to participate in the project;
  2. to do all the job for you;
  3. something else.

Could you explain more?

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Creating 2D node link diagrams is probably a job for a library that is focused on diagrams and information visualization. I don’t think three.js would be my first choice for this. Not sure the following blog post is up to date but it provides a good overview about potential projects you might want to consider:


thank you very much because you helped me