Possible to connect 2 Object with Connector

I am working on three.js Evaluation where i have following Requirement

  1. How I able to convert Existence .dwg(AutoCad) file with three.js using json schema

  2. How can i easily connect 2 Solid Object with Connector

  3. how easily we able to connect and also get the MetaData of the Object

like this


  1. I don’t think there is a three.js .dwg converter or loader, so you will have to convert it to another format first.

  2. You mean as a graph like in the link you shared? There is nothing in three.js that will automatically do that (it’s not graphing software), so you’ll have to write your own connector

Actually we are looking for connector(link) between the objects.
Any hint on how to develop this kind of connector(link)?