Character IK 3DS Max or Mixamo

How can I create a custom model with IK bones in 3DS Max or Mixamo? Please help.

I saw this example using the MMD model, link:

The file format does not matter as long as I can create a custom character model with IK bones in 3DS Max or Mixamo. Will you please advise?

I want to use the model in a web browser with threeJS.

Thanks in advance!

This forum isn’t about 3D Studio Max or Mixamo, you should ask this question in their forum, discord or other platforms or search for tutorials.

The example you linked is made with a different software (i think it’s called Miku Miku Dance) it’s not the version from examples though.


thank you for your message! is there a similar way to create IK for for characters?

There is an (old) example from Jerome Etienne, who makes what you want:
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Thank you @hermetic. I appreciated