Change the mesh of an imported model with Physijs.Mesh

hello. I decided to open this question because I’m hitting my head against a problem. I didn’t find any solution in the other forum’s post, and I’m not sure if it is solveable as I would like to.
I would like to change the mesh(not geometry or material,the entire “kind” of mesh) of an imported model with the Physijs.Mesh, in order to use all the bonuses coming from that library. The thing is that the way I thought I could have done,is not working.

My best attempt was the following:

> loader.load(‘portal_2_test_room/scene.gltf’, function(gltf){
> testRoom = gltf.scene;
> testRoom.traverse( function ( child ) {
*> *
*> if ( child instanceof THREE.Mesh ) { *
> child.castShadow = true;
*> child.receiveShadow = true; *
> child = new Physijs.Mesh( child.geometry, child.material,0 );
> }
> });
> scene.add(testRoom);

I thought (probably naively) that doing so,I would have been able to replace the mesh of each child of the model,reapplying the geometry and the material,but adding a mass to the single mesh(the last parameter passed to child).
This is not working though.

Is anyone able to help me?

Thanks for you time,and have a nice day! :smile: