CDN for non build files

Now that RawGit is no longer serving up files, I’m using unpkg for referencing files from GitHub to include in jsfiddles and codepens, for example, OrbitControls.js:

<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>

This works fine. Any other options out there?

There was also a discussion about that topic at github:

The following site seems to work very well. I have used it in the latest PRs.


I’ve used with my fiddles!

In my post
Addon. Produces almost infinite many time-varying geometries with functions
@looeee brought the library to rawgit. I cannot edit the article.

In my collection of examples
(just add the old examples from 2017)

there are links to rawgit in the jsfiddles, e.g.
Endless Forest (2018 Port)
There will soon be many broken links there.

Is there a simple solution to avoid this?


Thanks for reporting!

I’ve replaced rawgit with the three.js domain. Links look like this now:

That’s what I was afraid of!
Apparently every user has to do this “by hand”.

Endless Forest (2018 Port)
now the link to is new.

But in my collection remains the old link with!

Since surely not all links are renewed by the authors, there will be many broken links.

Yeah, this is unfortunate. But when a CDN goes offline, broken links are inevitable :frowning_face:

Links of the form
are also problematic, because the content changes with the versions.

An older example:

I noticed that there is a problem, when I was looking at the examples from

The solution @prisoner849
Edit fiddle - JSFiddle - Code Playground uses

Therefore I have always tried to use the currently valid version in the examples. In addition the version number in the file name.