Is there a site to load THREE library? ( No hotlinking )

Looking for OrbitControls.js & three.min.js

What do you mean by “no hotlinking”? You would download those from Github, typically.

If you need a CDN, you can link to three.min.js from here:

I’m not aware of a CDN that has OrbitControls other than github, which you can access here:

However, you need to take care with this one since it will get immediately updated whenever there is a new three.js release.

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Thank You…

@donmccurdy, It means stealing bandwidth, using your server resources without permission,

this may not be related to three.js in any way? I remember seeing this term in the 90s.

I see, you’re looking for a CDN that is (intentionally) hosting them for others to use. In that case I would suggest something locked to a version number, like the Cloudflare link above, or:

You can find other files here:


@donmccurdy. Thank you, good to know.

Why jsdelivr contains r117.1 but CDN - r99?

cdnjs has a forum, you could ask them why they have not updated it.