Cart Configurator

Hello everyone,
We are happy to showcase our 3D cart configurator that we produced for a client.

The project is public and the users can customize several cart components.
The project uses Tween to interpolate the camera from a hot spot to another.
Amongst the feature you can change:
and more…

At the end, once you have configured your product, you can then send an email to the admin with your all your info!

Try our project out and let us know what you think.

Thank you!



This is really a great job!
Just a curiosity: are you using real time shadows or are them baked to the model?

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@dario_corbelli thanks for liking it. At the moment we have a dynamic lighting setup, apart from the wheels on the floor, which have baked shadows.

@Mugen87 Hello! Sorry if I disturb you but I’d like to know if there is the possibility to be featured in the home page of the threejs website.
After submitting the project we were wondering if we need to contact someone for the approval.
Thanks in advance for your reply.


No, that’s not necessary. @mrdoob occasionally updates the homepage and then decides which projects should be featured.


Ah ok cool! Thanks