Can view published scene, but not move within it...why?

Spent the morning evaluating the very exciting threejs and its online Editor for a larger project that will require a high-performance WebGL library (prob in conjunction with PIXI).

I am not a programmer and don’t know anything about Javascript, but there will be seasoned programmers as part of this project that do know it very well.

I first built a text object in Adobe Dimension, imported it into the Editor, failed at figuring out how to make and assign materials (colors), so the first version I published came up black, then added a background texture, just so that the now black and unlit/untextured object could be seen, but was baffled by the fact that I can’t control the camera with my mouse like I can within the Editor…and when clicking the Edit button the scene is replaced with an empty one (why is that?).

Here’s the most recent version of the scene:

Any pointers to how I can “free” the camera would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

The controls in the editor are implemented in the so called EditorControls class. As the name implies, the logic is intended for the editor and not for exported apps.

If you want to add a control class like OrbitControls or DragControls to your exported app, there is currently no way around than modifying the exported source files.

Thanks for delivering the bad news to me, Mugen87.

Are there any copy/paste sources anywhere to enable these most basic controls and show a js noob like me where they go?

And why does the Edit button launch a user into an empty environment, or am I doing something incorrectly before publishing my scene?

If a user could at least launch into the Editor and see the scene, then they could navigate with the Editor’s EditorControls class. Clunky, yes, but I’m merely trying to show a bunch of various type of team members, some not very technical, what to expect of a final implementation.

…also, I am finally beginning to learn the basics of materials and lights: PatronetX-01
(…ways to go of course)

TBH, I’m not sure what you are referring to. I’m only aware of the Edit button in the menu bar which allows operations like Undo, Redo etc. Do you mind sharing a screenshot for clarification?

When I look at the published scene file in Safari (Mac), I see this screen, with the EDIT button in the lower right (I enabled this in the Settings for the scene):

…and after clicking on it, the scene is cleared and an empty scene is pulled up in the EDITOR…maybe I misunderstand the function of this button, as I thought that a user can actually edit the scene that I sent the URL for: