Need help getting started with the editor on mobile

I recently started using the threejs editor and I had a few queries.

Can someone please explain what the highlighted buttons do.

Also the editor orbit sensitivity feels too low and the zoom sensitivity feels too high on my phone. Any way to change that?

The checkbox controls the transform mode of TransformControls. Default is global if checked it is local. Global means you transform the object always with respect to the world coordinate system. Local means, you perform transformations with respect to the local space.

The camera selection box allows you to view the scene through cameras added to the scene.

It’s currently not possible to change the sensitivity of the controls with the editor’s GUI.

Thanks for the reply.

But even when I have multiple cameras in my scene that option is still unclickable.

Um, this looks like an editor bug in context of mobile devices. It does work however on desktops.

Should I create an issue on GitHub?

That would be great! :+1:

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Another thing I noticed which is a bit annoying is that the expanded menu bar options don’t minimise when you click in the 3D viewport(I’m not sure what it’s called). They only minimise when you click somewhere in the Scene/Project/Settings tab or in an empty space in the menu bar.

Screen recorded video:

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Yeah, I can reproduce. Do you mind creating a new issue at GitHub :innocent:?

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Happy to help. :slight_smile:

I am a bit surprised as to how these issues haven’t been noticed. Very few people use the editor on phones, but still, these seem pretty noticable.

The current release r120 which was published last week introduced Pointer Events in various control classes. This change could be responsible for certain UI related issues.

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