Can TextGeometry have smooth shading?

Is it possible to get smooth shading on TextGeometry? Because I have been trying in vain to make it work for the last day and I only get flat shading. My TextGeometry is heavily faceted and no matter what I try to do, I can’t make it smooth.

This is what I am talking about:

The docs say that smooth shading is the default, but it doesn’t seem to be for TextGeometry. Even the official TextGeometry example has this faceted look.

I have tried merging vertices, normalizing the normals, recomputing normals, but they don’t work. Adjusting the text curves and bevel segments doesn’t work either, doing that just makes the facets smaller but they are still flat shaded not smooth shaded. Also added a vertex helper to visualize the vertices and they seem to be correct.

Using the merging vertices technique “kinda” works to smooth things out a little, but it creates big holes and gaps in the geometry.

I have made a CodePen to demonstrate the problem:

There must be a way! :slight_smile: