Bug in editor r117

Good day, i found bug in version r117 screen - http://prntscr.com/sxy4r8
This bug don’t give me load model.

In r116 no problem screen - http://prntscr.com/sxyfyl

Do you mind sharing the glTF asset in this topic?

Ok link for file - https://wstgame.online/HomeLocation15.zip

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This is indeed a bug in GLTFLoader which is however already fixed in dev:


Should be okay again with the next release r118 :+1:.

Good. There are actually enough problems, since I am developing the game, I found a lot of bugs and shortcomings, just so as not to disturb, I got out of the situation on my own. If you want, I can send you all the bugs and shortcomings.

Feel free to list them here :+1:

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I’ve just pushed the fix to the live editor.
Should update in a few minutes. (May require some reloading)

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Collapsing children

Good morning. I apologize for my not entirely correct English, but I think you will understand me. You need to minimize the child objects in the editor, otherwise it is not possible to work normally, it takes a lot of time if you need to move the added new object to the parent, which is located at the very top of the list.

video - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gBacltH4v-I&feature=youtu.be


Thanks for the video! :grin:

Here you go! :nerd_face:


Yes, thank you very much very much, as I understand it will be in version r118 ?

I forgot to say that it would be nice if the side panel could be stretched in width, otherwise the names are long, especially bones.

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That’s correct :ok_hand:

Ok, tomorrow I will reset another bug in the editor, there is an incorrect display of the model, and it is in the editor, because this works fine.

Interesting BUG

Linkg for model - http://wstgame.online/Golem_1.zip

That’s because GLTFLoader sets material.depthWrite to false when a material is transparent is set to true.

If the material sets has depthWrite to false, then the editor’s grid don’t have pixel depths to compare to when being drawn so it renders on top.

I may try rendering the grid first and see how that looks like.

Yes, unfortunately that can’t be fixed. It creates other issues :confused:

I agree, I understand what is the point, so why then in the editor in where the material does not add control of this property.


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I added it yesterday :nerd_face:

Screen Shot 2020-06-14 at 3.32.36 PM


Well, in principle, I have almost everything according to the editor, the only thing I would like to be able to export objects with animation if it is there, and even better so that you can choose which animation tracks to export. Because model developers, not everyone knows how to export in GLTF format, or with someone else software does not allow it. But in FBX everyone can do it, otherwise tech who do not know how to do it first in FBX then on the Internet they look for a converter from FBX to GLTF. And I tried the standard exporter in GLTF, I assembled the model piece by piece with Emissive, and after that I converted it to GLTF choosing the whole animation. So in the editor it would be much faster)))