Bug in editor r117

A related feature in this context is serialization/deserialization of SkinnedMeshs. I’ve tried once to implement this feature however we did not make it to finish the respective PR.

In any event, it should be feasible to add this feature to the library (and the editor). This would ensure that you can actually save and reload a scene with SkinnedMesh.

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We’ll get there! :muscle:


OK ))), then there’s nothing for the editor, I’ll later create a new topic where I will show the library bugs and some flaws, although to be honest some of them have already been fixed.

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However, some problems were fixed, and which appeared, I have not fully tested version 117 yet, but after taking version 113 or 114, I had problems in - Frustum

Sorry I forgot this http://prntscr.com/t27jol
Need integrate DracoLoader

Hmm, I think that should be fixed now…

r118 should be released next Wednesday btw.

Managed to fix the grid issue :v::blush:

Nice job ))))

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Old bug came back

GLTFLoader.js:678 Uncaught Error: THREE.GLTFLoader: No DRACOLoader instance provided.
at new GLTFDracoMeshCompressionExtension (GLTFLoader.js:678)
at GLTFLoader.parse (GLTFLoader.js:302)
at Loader.js:668
at d.filter (jszip.module.min.js:12)
at handleZIP (Loader.js:618)
at FileReader. (Loader.js:515)

I’m unable to reproduce this with the latest version of the editor.

Please ensure to clear the application cache (or try it with an incognito tab). You might have tested with outdated files.

To do this, you need to have the model compressed with DRACO

link: http://wstgame.online/HeroEleanor.zip

Yep, I’ve already tested with a DRACO compressed model. Your model works fine, too.

Its Mozilla and problem exist

When this problem was directly fixed in 117, the assembly probably did not take into account this moment in 118.

Sorry, it works on my system on Firefox. Please also try it in a private tab to make sure no cached files are used.

As they say in the dispute, the truth is born.))) But unfortunately I’m right, but it works if the file is not archived directly. And I’m transferring a zip archive about this moment is not taken into account. Please fix this problem.

Oh wait. I now realized that you drag the zip file to the editor. I’ve tested with the unzipped glTF asset.

Indeed, DRACOLoader is not configured in this case. Let me fix this:

Ok thanks ))))