Hey! Sorry for bad english.
I’m building this works space where you can make example buildings and you can get the maths of that building. This is quite simple if you have only one cube like building.
I want to have feature so you can have like example L or T shaped buildings and get the math out of it like Outer wall area.
But i need to somehow make the L or T shaped building to be only one object so there is no extra walls and the math would be easier to make
I hope you understand what i try to explain and please ask more if you didn’t quite understand. Also if you already have done something similar please share your version for some inspiration

Why not like this?


From the Collection of examples from discourse.threejs.org

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It’s not quite what I’m looking for.
I need a “building space” where the cube like building is the starting point and I want to have possibility to make editable buildings and not “hard coded” L, T, H etc. shaped structures.
But I also want it to work so that if the cube like building is changed to L, T, H shaped building it makes it as one building. As one object
But i think i can get some idea from that. Thanks!