Bottle shader needed


I need someone that can create a nice bottle render like this : (3d bottle preview).

I just need the render with light effect.


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I would love to assist you in your requirement.You can connect me via email as well as Skype.

Skype: live:jennifer_17207

Please get in touch with task details

Jennifer J

What you are wanting done is well within my skill set and I would be glad to lend a hand.
You can reach me on
Best Wishes,

Hi Pailhead,

Is there any problem with my demand ? Do I something wrong ?

Please tell me if I disturb Threejs forum, it’s not my intention.

Best regards,

Hi Clement,

No, i was referring to public posts in a thread about a job. And i was just being curious :slight_smile:

I imagine someone who posts a job ad would get private messages. Having messages both in the thread and in private seems like more work, than just for example checking it in private.

I was just being curious, good luck finding a candidate!

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Hi Andrew,

Have you receive my email ?


Hi Clement,
I have received and replied to your email.
Cheers and Have a great weekend!

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