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I would like you to inform you all that Packt Publishing has recently published a book on Three.js. This book “Learn Three.js - Third Edition” by Jos Dirksen helps you create and animate stunning 3D browser-based graphics with Three.js JavaScript library.


WebGL makes it possible to create 3D graphics in the browser without having to use plugins such as Flash and Java. Programming WebGL, however, is difficult and complex. With Three.js, it is possible to create stunning 3D graphics in an intuitive manner using JavaScript, without having to learn WebGL. With this book, you’ll learn how to create and animate beautiful looking 3D scenes directly in your browser-utilizing the full potential of WebGL and modern browsers. It starts with the basic concepts and building blocks used in Three.js. From there on, it will expand on these subjects using extensive examples and code samples.

You will learn to create, or load, from externally created models, realistic looking 3D objects using materials and textures. You’ll find out how to easily control the camera using the Three.js built-in in-camera controls, which will enable you to fly or walk around the 3D scene you created. You will then use the HTML5 video and canvas elements as a material for your 3D objects and to animate your models. Finally, you will learn to use morph and skeleton-based animation, and even how to add physics, such as gravity and collision detection, to your scene. After reading this book, you’ll know everything that is required to create 3D animated graphics using Three.js.

What You Will Learn:

  1. Work with the different types of materials in Three.js and see how they interact with your 3D objects and the rest of the environment

  2. Implement the different camera controls provided by Three.js to effortlessly navigate around your 3D scene

  3. Work with vertices directly to create snow, rain, and galaxy-like effects

  4. Import and animate models from external formats, such as OBJ, STL, and COLLADA

  5. Create and run animations using morph targets and bones animations

  6. Implement server-side rendering with data to improve SEO

  7. Explore advanced textures on materials to create realistic looking 3D objects by using bump maps, normal maps, specular maps, and lightmaps

  8. Interact directly with WebGL by creating custom vertex and fragment shaders

Author Bio: Jos Dirksen

Jos Dirksen has worked as a software developer and architect for more than a decade. He has a lot of experience in a large range of technologies, ranging from backend technologies, such as Java and Scala, to frontend development using HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript. Besides working with these technologies, Jos also regularly speaks at conferences and likes to write about new and interesting technologies on his blog. He also likes to experiment with new technologies and see how they can best be used to create beautiful data visualizations.

He is currently working as a freelance full-stack engineer on various Scala and JavaScript project.

Previously, Jos has worked in many different roles in the private and public sectors, ranging from private companies such as ING, ASML, Malmberg, and Philips to organizations in the public sector, such as the Department of Defense.



If its of any interest to people, I have the 2nd edition of this, and whilst it can obviously become out of date quickly, as a beginner at THREE and coding in general I found it exreamly helpful and well written, and something I still refer back to every now and then. Assuming the third edition hasnt changed drastically I would recommonded to anyone starting out with THREE


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