- Interactive 3D Portfolio

About The Project is a digital portfolio and resume containing a collection of projects, examples of produced music and personal information.


The project uses an omptimised GLTF scene, created in Blender, which uses a low poly count and baked textures for performance. With react-three-fiber, the scene is injected into the application, which is then overlayed with standard react components to create the experience. This website was my first fully-fledged three.js and react application and was intended to be a learning experiment.



Nice do you have a link? Love the royal kludge, that’s a solid bit of kit.

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Interesting stuff! Congrats for your creativity and devotion, and for this statement which reveals your I.Q:

“what I find most rewarding is creating clean and compelling user experiences whilst balancing both deliverables and constraints”.

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Certainly is :slight_smile: Updated post with a link!

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