Best physics engine for Three.js with Typescript

Hey everyone!
Last time this was talked about was a couple of years ago and I was wondering, what is the best physics engine to use with typescript? I tried cannonjs but the lack of types made it hard to work with. I also tried rapierjs but it had several components that just do not work as intended/documented (character controller f.e.).
Bear in mind the goal is to use it in a game setting :smiley:
Thank you!

cannon is typed: GitHub - pmndrs/cannon-es: 💣 A lightweight 3D physics engine written in JavaScript. are you using the dead one? cannon.js hasn’t been maintained for many (like 10?) years.

but cannon is slow, maybe hundreds of times slower than rapier. so i would probably pick that. whatever went wrong with the character controller must have been your codes fault.

in the react space this would be my preferred choice for a game type character controller GitHub - pmndrs/ecctrl: 🕹️ A floating rigibody character controller (all rapier based again, fully typed).

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