Bend entire scene

Is it possible to bend/curve the entire scene?
something like this:



Bend an entire scene, no. Bend a plane, yes!

Yeah i’m looking for a solution for the latter or bending the canvas or div etc to achieve a similar result

This to me looks like something that screen space post processing should do. the postprocessing library has a lensDistortion effect GitHub - pmndrs/postprocessing: A post processing library for three.js. for instance. And even if that’s not 100% right, this is what I would look at.

Btw you can also render the scene onto a plane or any shape which is bent …

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i tried @prisoner849’s bent plane with the last idea, just rendering a scene, as-is, inside it and seems to work OK: Object clump (forked) - CodeSandbox

in your case you would have to look into WebGLRenderTarget in order to do what <RenderTexture> does in this example, though if you wanted interaction it will get a lot more complicated. the RT component uses the UVs of the underlying geometry and converts them to screen space.