Beginner project ideas


Hope everyone is safe.

I’ve been going through tutorials and etc. For a while now and im really bored of this approach now lol.

I wanted to take this journey to a whole new direction and just want to start building! I’m looking for a few project ideas for a beginner. Few projects for lighting, geometry, materials, loading models, and etc.

Any suggestions?

Do you already have a rough preference about the area of your project? Do you want to create a game, an app that visualizes information in an interesting way or maybe a fun, interactive content for a website? There are a lot of possibilities and in general it helps to know which area you want to focus.

Thank you.

I would say interactive project and something educational and interactive.

Working with models - museum maybe for first project… but want it to be interactive and etc.

Some sort of interactive art exhibition could be interesting. Meaning the user can click on art works to see detailed information about it via an HTML overlay. Since you are a beginner, it’s probably too complicated to implement free movement in a virtual museum. It might be easier if the user can just choose from a pre-defined set of viewpoints.


I’ll get started on this thanks:

Objective - virtual museum art, build up to movement.

But first I’ll create a single wall with art on it and then later build up to movement to other walls.

I found this demo: