AV show made with three.js at LEV Matadero - Madrid

Hi guys, for who’s attending LEV Matadero in Madrid, this weekend, I’d like to tell you that I’m performing Exaland with spime.im. Exaland is an immersive AV show made entirely in three.js (except for the music obviously).
It features a generative audioreactive landscape ad scene, complex glsl materials and effects, webAudio and webMIDI integration, and features multiple independent views on smartphones, in sync with the music and main visuals via webSocket.

I’m also controlling the visuals with a 80’s RF model controller like the one used by Doc in Back To The Future, modded to a wireless midi controller.
Musicians are playing with wearable wireless midi gloves.

We are going to play on saturday 19th of october, approx 19:30

If anyone is interested and would like to meet, drop me a mail at st.maccarelli@gmail.com :wink:

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