Assigning "solution" credit to self

It has become quite frequent that posters ask questions, then receive some feedback and in the end assign the “solution” credit to themselves. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Frankly: I find this annoying, as it defeats the purpose of counting and displaying the number of “solutions” a user has provided so far, as a measure of his/her social credit in this community.

I would like to see a change in the forum software which disables the possibility for a thread starter to successfully claim the solution credit for a self-reported problem.

When I understand the discourse-solved plugin correctly, then it’s not possible to prevent the OP from accepting an own post as the answer. It’s only possible to disable the entire feature. Meaning users can’t accept solutions in general.

It would then be the task of moderators/admins to mark a post as a solution. However, this is something I don’t prefer since it produces additional workload for those people. Besides, other sites like stackoverflow also allow the user to accept answers (even its own posts).

I appreciate your answer, but will not mark it as “solution”, for obvious reasons.
It is/was not my intention to put additional burden onto the administrators, particularly when it’s about a process which could very easily be automated. And it’s also obvious for me, that a thread starter should remain in power to mark the first satisfactory contribution which solves his/her problem.

But I understand, that this is not just a configuration issue and as such beyond your means of influence.

Thanks for pointing to the plugin’s name.

Sometimes it is already useful that the question poser marks a contribution to his own question as a solution.

I myself do not ask many questions, but some apparently not easy to answer. Then I remain persistent and continue to try to solve the problem. If I succeed at some point, I post it of course to help others who have the same problem. Then it makes sense to mark the own contribution as a solution.

In contrast to other forums, as far as I know, there are no privileges for the “solution author” here at discourse.