ArrayBuffers keep growing

Hello everyone

I’m not sure my issue is related to threejs because there are a lot of players in this game.
I have an ionic (angular) app build for ios.
In this app there are some pages containing a threejs scene with a 360 background, a glb model and orbitcontrols to rotate around the object.
Exiting from a scene i always dispose everything that can be disposed, i’ve followed this tutorial Three.js Cleanup.
Also i dispose scenes, orbitcontrollers, etc… .
At this moment, just to give it a try, i’m using only one instance of renderer, shared between all the scene.
The problem is that after some usage the app keeps crashing, WKWebViews for some reason basically reload the app (webViewWebContentProcessDidTerminate). Some times Xcode gives me a memory warning before crashing, sometimes not.
If a load the glb but i don’t add it to the scene there are no crashes.
The only strange thing i’ve noticed is that navigating from one page with a scene to another i can see in the safari timeline javascript allocation arraybuffers growing in number and size but i don’t think that’s the problem.

Does anyone had the same issues?
Thanks in advance.