Any Good Example for Navier-Stokes equation in three.js?

Hello, I am looking for a good example of Navier-Stokes equation implementation in three.js
I’ve come up something like this in GitHub.But when I am opening I am seeing something like this

The author claimed that I’ll have performance issue for iGPU. I thought I would have fps drops but why black screen ?
I want a good example of Navier-Stokes equation with three js. Any help is welcome.

Are you the one who took this job? If not - there is a link to one working implementation.

It works with the slab setting at ‘density’ (and even others).

Any console errors?

No. I didn’t find any console error.

Anyway I found this .As first impression it looks better than this (which you referred). Hope it will work. But I am stumbling for good documentation of it. Then I will add mouse interaction to the example I found.

Fairer comparisons would be:

I think the codepen example you shared is better quality than either of these in the foreground, but the background doesn’t look great.

The three.js water example is lower quality but allows objects to interact with the water (the yellow balls), and presumably much higher performance.