Adding meshPhysicalMatreial to create a glass like semi transparent material drops the the performance

I have a small model with glass material, where I am using physical material to create semi transparent mesh but it causing big performance hit, fps drops to around 30 and if i remove that model it runs at 55-60fps. I am using 13 numbers of that model(instanced mesh).

here is a demo

You can see that model on top of table, it really small model
Thank You!

I can’t tell which part of that scene is using transmission, but MeshPhysicalMaterial is the most expensive material three.js offers, and enabling effects like transmission or clearcoat increases that performance cost more… these are advanced PBR effects, and not all devices will be able to render them quickly. Alpha blending (.transparent = true) is a much cheaper effect.

That said, if the material is completely offscreen and you’re still seeing a performance loss, it might be worth reporting that as it could be a bug.

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