A GUI Editor & framework for Three.js

Hi guys, I have created a GUI Editor & framework for Three.js. It greatly reduces the difficulty of using three to make complex UI.

See [Live demo 1] [Live demo 2] (Loading is slow, please wait patiently )

The package’s name is ‘fairygui-three’, it’s open source.

Source code: https://github.com/fairygui/FairyGUI-threejs
Demo source 1: https://github.com/fairygui/3dinventory-threejs-demo
Demo source 2: https://github.com/fairygui/FairyGUI-threejs-example


Very cool! Did you get the base of your editor from somewhere?

No, I also created the editor from scratch.

Looks great! Is the menu only in Chinese or are there English translations?

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WOW! Great job! :slight_smile:


Thanks for the reminder. I have translated them into English now.

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0.4.0 is ready.

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