3D Planchest art store

Fluorescent Smogg just released their threejs 3D planchest online art store, a project that we developed the best part of a year ago… https://snktm.com is now live, check it out! feedback is greatly welcomed :slight_smile:


It’s truly beautiful.

The black ink spots remind me of the trailer of “Us” (and Rorschach test cards).

As you asked for feedback:

  • some antialiasing is needed
  • modal windows cannot be closed with a keyboard (e.g. [Esc] key)
  • there are broken shadows of some items in the drawers (those that are near the back end)
  • this is the first time for me seeing BR tags being closed: <br></br>
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thanks @PavelBoytchev i appreciate it :slight_smile:

the idea is that the gallery “Fluorescent Smogg” can update and change the drawer layouts with a twin admin backend that’s on a different private page, the ink spots are transparent png snippets from Ralph Steadman’s (the current artists) works… the turnaround for this particalar installment was only a few days so I was originally trying to modify this shadertoy ink splat shader to behave in a similar way as it’s pretty awesome but didn’t end up with enough time so fell back to the png’s on sprites which are randomly distributed and faded, set back further in the scene.

Now you mention antialiasing i completely see what you mean, the renderer itself does have AA enabled but of course as it renders through EffectComposer it’s being somewhat cancelled out, it would infact be a great idea to utilize one of the postprocessing passes such as FXAA, SSAA, SMAA, TAA or using a MultiSampledRenderTarget on an OutputPass of the Composer… I’ll look into the most performant way of achieving this!

The modal is something I’m not the happiest with, it could be a lot more responsive and functional, definitely a great shout to add an Esc key event to exit it!

In terms of the shadows, I also noticed that break point where the two shadows “overlapped” I did mess with the shadowBias and shadowNormalBias quite a bit to try and fix this but the settings i settled on prevented other shadow artifacts from being more prominent than the small slice currently being calculated wrongly, i wonder how this could be fixed, maybe using the latest version of three could help a bit but it was definitely something that confused me for a while!

I can’t remember why i used the line break tags to be honest, i try to avoid them completely where possible these days, the escaped version </br> just added a paragraph like space under the new line rather than the new line starting directly below the last line of text… I suppose <br><br> would work equally the same…