3D Movie Quiz! Guess the title of 12 famous movies

I’ve been working on a side project for the last few weeks: 3D Movie Quiz!. I made GLTF animated scenes with Blender and imported them using Three JS.

Do you like it? Can you guess the 12 movies? All feedback is welcome!!

GitHub: GitHub - enric1994/moviequiz: 🎥 Guess the title of 12 famous movies!




That was fun! The last 3 were a bit harder, so glad you had the tooltip! But come on, you can’t say #6 was from 2005 and disregard the better 1971 version! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

It would be nice to have a score at the end of the quiz, since I had two wrong guesses and used the tooltip twice. Also, while I’m answering a question, you could start pre-loading the .glb for the next question, so it’s ready to fire up after the answer without having to wait for loading times.

Great idea though! Really clever game.


Oh I didn’t know there was a previous movie! May change that and the way I preload stuff.

Thanks for the feedback!

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