3D Movie Quiz! Guess the title of 12 famous movies

I’ve been working on a side project for the last few weeks: 3D Movie Quiz!. I made GLTF animated scenes with Blender and imported them using Three JS.

Do you like it? Can you guess the 12 movies? All feedback is welcome!!

Github: GitHub - enric1994/moviequiz: 🎥 Guess the title of 12 famous movies!




That was fun! The last 3 were a bit harder, so glad you had the tooltip! But come on, you can’t say #6 was from 2005 and disregard the better 1971 version! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

It would be nice to have a score at the end of the quiz, since I had two wrong guesses and used the tooltip twice. Also, while I’m answering a question, you could start pre-loading the .glb for the next question, so it’s ready to fire up after the answer without having to wait for loading times.

Great idea though! Really clever game.


Oh I didn’t know there was a previous movie! May change that and the way I preload stuff.

Thanks for the feedback!

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Hi @marquizzo, I’ve added the final score and changed other stuff following the advice from Reddit. Do you know if I have to do anything specific in order to be added to the Three.js landing page?


You already did it! All you can do is add your site here with the showcase tag in this forum. If they like it, they’ll add it, but there’s no bulletproof way to get showcased. I think it’s been getting updated less and less frequently as the years go by.

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