3D model customer/ model dressup

Hey guys, i’m a newbe here. Can anyone please tell me how to build an 3D model customiser , something like how ready player me does it… or when you wanna customise selections for elements on a model…

Cheers. Any references and assistance will be greatly appreicated

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Hello, I think you need to remove/load objects from three.js scene if the product/customization is modular and if the customization is continuous you need to manipulate the product’s mesh (the object triangles and polygons). The former I think is easier because you only load and remove items once a button is clicked, but the latter needs more calculations.

OKay thank you for your suggestion. It sounds short and sweet, I’m just not so sure of how to do that particular thing. Let me try it

Hie, I have tried the first approach, seems to be getting job done. But its not quite what l want because of the reloading that keeps happening. In the long run, I fear overloading on the model.

Can you guide me a bit more the continuous process.
And one more thing, how do l then download a specific configuration of the model into an fbx or gtlf or glb model?

Hello, sorry for the late reply. For deletion, you need to correctly remove mesh to prevent overloading in the long run:

In order to download a model:

for downloading a model into a glTF format:

var exporter = new THREE.GLTFExporter();
var string = exporter.parse( scene );
var blob = new Blob([string], {type: ‘text/plain’});
saveAs(blob, “object” + ‘.gltf’);

Alright, let me read up on it and come back to you

Thanks a lot for your kind responses, since then l have another issue now. Please check it out?