3D Model as Audio visualizer


I have started a project where i have made a 3D model with some pillars and want them to visualize audio by moving up and down.

As it is now i can get the audio data from the analyzer and console log it but i can’t seem to wrap my head around how to apply it to the model

Here is my code:

Here is what i get when i console log the model

Can somebody help me with what to do here?

Thanks and have a great day!

Here is an example where I displace vertices from your microphone input
FFT - Three.js Tutorials (sbcode.net)

Look at line 106-112 in my example code, and see that I am just getting numbers and drawing a colour onto a canvas based on that number.
You could use some of those numbers to change the Y value of some cubes.

Type “HTML5 Audio FFT Threejs” into your favourite search engine and you fill find more examples.

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