3D Graphics Programmer & 3D Programmer

Hi, we are VisCircle. Our goal: Merge the physical world with the internet using real-time 3D and augmented reality, making it an experience for everyone.

In the awesome team at VisCircle, you’ll find creative minds, innovators, and real-time 3D gurus. We live the passion of making real-time 3D accessible to everyone. Our culture? A blend of collaboration, limitless thinking, flexibility, and dedication.

Currently, we are looking for a 3D Graphics Programmer and a 3D Programmer in full-time to help us develop exciting projects like this: Virtual Studio


Applicants for both positions should have a good to strong mathematical background, including knowledge in trigonometry, linear algebra, and analytical geometry. We prefer candidates with experience in WebGL and Three.js or at least in another 3D visualization tool such as Unity or Unreal. A solid understanding of real-time 3D engine functionality and principles is a must. A background in game development can be beneficial. Furthermore, experience with WebXR and AR/VR is a plus.


Our standard tech stack includes JavaScript, TypeScript, and Node.js, but experience with other programming languages such as C# or C++ is also acceptable.

Applicants for the 3D Programmer position should have at least 1 year of experience in the development of 3D applications, games, or configurators and the implementation of mathematical concepts. Strong problem-solving skills are essential.

The ideal candidates for the 3D Graphics Programmer position should have at least 3 years of the above qualifications under their belt, and also have experience with shader languages for shader development, preferably GLSL, as well as a basic understanding of the theory of Physically Based Rendering (PBR). This entails a general knowledge of PBR rendering principles(e.g., energy conservation and microfacet model).

If you are passionate about 3D graphics programming and meet the above requirements, we look forward to receiving your application including links to any projects you created yourself or took part in for this exciting opportunity to strengthen our team.

Have we sparked your interest? Then we look forward to receiving your application on hr(at)viscircle.com, including possible links to any projects you created yourself or took part in, your salary expectations and earliest possible start date.

Please contact me via email giangm9@gmail.com

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